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Build Your Dream

5 Years Of Undefeated Success.

Wanamari is a private equity firm. Our passion is to help individuals and institutions achieve their financial goals. Our focus is on financial services, Housing, Construction, Mining, technology, retail, media  and agriculture.


Startups helped in getting funding for their businesses.


Funding requests met.


Raised through crowdfunding.

600K +

Dividends Paid Out since inception.

Our Key Pillars


Our staff, investors, clients and other stakeholders comes first in all we do. Our plan is centered around the improvement of the welfare and value of our people.


We take our time in building not only exceptional products but great portfolio corporates that dominates their respective industries.


We believe that if something is not growing then it is certainly dying, hence all our efforts and endeavors are geared towards growth


We go beyond Capital

We understand that capital alone is not enough in frontier markets. So we go far beyond capital to help our portfolio ventures succeed on the toughest of journeys.

Our Vision

To be the Leading Fintech Organization in building a global equity hub for small businesses.

Our Motto

Helping you achieve your financial goals.

Whar Our Clients Say



I'm Rest assured that my earnings will work for me in the future. The interest rate over a year is substantial and Inhave the previlidge to use the money for greater prospects as it would have significantly appreciated. Thank you for the peace I have as I know my investment is far above inflation rate and also hedged against spend thrift.


I was having some challenges in achieving my goals since last year August. Wanamari came up with a solution to my problem, I opened a Flexi account and started my journey of saving and earning. I remember on the 24th of December I had reached my target and withdrew my money in hard cash. Honestly, right now I'm living in a different world because of Wanamari. Most of my business projects are funded by Wanamari. As an investor, I'm encouraging you to join, don't hesitate just start from where you are.


Wanamari has helped me to be disciplined financially. I have managed to save money to reach my goal. I have also managed to buy shares. If one has money which you have no plan yet, Wanamari is the best place for you to keep it and at the same time having it grow in interest. It's the best and secure platform to invest.


Through Wanamari I learnt that no investment is too small. It was my first time and I realized that no goal is too big if you set out your heart to achieve it. Through the Wanamari team I was encouraged to reach my goal speedily and was always updated about my account. I managed to reach my goal and bought a car and I can recommend anyone who want to invest to say this is an hassle free process and your money can interest while you're at ease handling other things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Wanamari Pvt Ltd is a registered company in Zimbabwe in accordance with companies act 24:31. All savings, investing and loan products are provided under Rongamari Savings Pvt Ltd 28160/2023  which is a savings and credit cooperation ( Sacco bank) registered under the cooperative societies act 24:31, section 82.